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Cycle Tourism in Abruzzo: a voyage of discovery

For those who consider cycling the ideal way to explore more remote areas, to discover local traditions and sample local food, Abruzzo provides an almost infinite choice of routes.
These itineraries, both over the plains and through the hills, are by far the most authentic way of exploring the many and varied aspects of this region.
The Adriatic Cycle Path, a tour of the traditional villages of Abruzzo, a trip through the historic lands of the Mediaeval Marsica, a visit to the Cona Archaeological Park, and even a relaxing ride to a spa resort in the Majella National Park, are just some of the numerous cycling itineraries on offer in Abruzzo. With hundreds of kilometres available on quiet, local roads, you are certain to enjoy exploring this lovely region: one of the most interesting in Italy in terms of the sheer diversity it offers the cycle-tourist.
Another important feature of your tour around Abruzzo is the local food and wine. You will find many inns and restaurants on your route where you can enjoy the real flavours of the region’s gastronomic legacy.
You will also come across many local festivals, with ancient traditions which have survived over time, and where you can sample the so-called “cucina povera” (poor cooking) and dishes which are typical of the Abruzzo food culture.


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